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Questions About Retention

You may have other questions concerning what we do, and we will be happy to discuss them with you, gratis. Please feel free to contact us. They may include the following:

Where are you admitted to practice law?

We are currently admitted to practice in the State of New York and we can review deals and contracts governed by New York or federal law, wherever the parties are located. Also, we can review documents governed by the law of other states when we feel comfortable with the applicable body of law. Examples generally include corporation and partnership law, and legal issues arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, such as contracts for the sale of goods and secured financings.

In the case of transactions outside of the State of New York or the USA, we may still be able to provide good advice, depending on the legal issues involved. We will of course raise these issues with you. We can also refer you to good local counsel in the relevant state or country and, if appropriate, we could work with them as a team. We know many great lawyers around the USA and the world, from our past experiences.

How much will it cost?

The cost of our services will depend on all of the facts and circumstances of the matter and we will discuss this in detail with you. At minimum, we will have to review the relevant documents and past lawyer work product. Legal research into case and statutory law also may be required. Generally, the work will require the payment of a retainer and hourly charges, and we will discuss those rates with you. You will not be responsible for paying any amount until you and we agree on an engagement, and generally it will be in writing and signed, unless the legal issues are very simple and the cost is low.

Another way to reduce cost is to tailor the scope of our involvement. The following levels of attention may be applicable to your matter:

  • quick reaction based on a limited review and certain express assumptions;
  • review of only certain major documents;
  • monitoring the matter (no direct participation) based on your reports;
  • full participation in certain areas only; and
  • lead counsel

Each of these levels of involvement can be discussed and may be applicable to your matter.

Does my existing lawyer have to learn about this?

Of course not. We will keep everything completely confidential with you alone, unless and until you authorize us to discuss the matter with your existing attorney. That decision will be yours alone. Of course, then you must supply us with the major documents, so that we can review them and understand the issues.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we can provide great references for many types of business matters.